The new GMC Sierra Denali in Griffin, GA, is revolutionizing the pickup class in more ways than one. This truck is the first-ever of its kind for the GMC brand, thanks to its all-electric function. A number of advanced technologies are built in for better passenger and driver engagement.

Luxurious appointments are available to enhance your comfort level whether you're working or engaging in leisure activities. Let's break down some of the truck's main features by reading below.

Expectations and Function

The new GMC Sierra Denali EV comes equipped with 22-inch wheels via 33-inch tires. Its next-generation powertrain delivers 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque. When it comes to efficiency, this full-size truck offers an estimated driving range of 400 miles with a full charge. This means that Fayetteville, GA, buyers can drive all day without a hassle. Fast charging via 10 minutes will equate to an estimated 100 miles of driving range.

The truck's four-wheel steer improves its turning radius for better maneuverability. The CrabWalk function turns and coordinates the rear wheels with the front wheels when making diagonal movements.

Thanks to electrification, the new Denali EV delivers instant acceleration from a standstill. Zero to 60 mph comes in 4.5 seconds. Its muscular frame allows you to tow as much as 9,500 pounds around Locust Grove, GA. Five people can sit in the truck's cabin on upscale upholstery like premium leather. This reimagined interior is also fitted with wooden trim and metal handles. The truck's glass roof delivers panoramic views while letting in a copious amount of natural light while driving in Hampton, GA.

The new Sierra Denali EV near McDonough, GA, goes further by offering a 16.8-inch touchscreen display. Numerous apps, settings, and maps are found here. There's also a digital instrument cluster, Super Cruise Assistant, Air Ride-Adaptive Suspension, and 10.2 kW off-board power.

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