Sell Your Car and Get its Value with Our KBB Instant Cash Offer Tool

At Cronic Chevrolet, we'll buy your car. You can get money for your vehicle's remaining value via a trade-in, but also we will purchase vehicles from drivers in the Griffin and Fayetteville, GA areas when you fill out our KBB Instant Cash Offer form.

How We Buy Your Car at the Dealership

To start, all you need to do is enter all the vehicle detail information required from the online form. Once you put in things like make, model year, VIN, mileage, color and other features and it will go through the expansive KBB database, powered by Kelley Blue Book, a top automobile resale and pricing guide. It takes into account all the information plus local factors as well, which is why it asks for the zip code so you'll get top resale value in areas like McDonough, Hampton and Locust Grove, GA.

After putting in the information, you'll get an estimated resale value range. You can then bring that to our dealership and we'll do a quick verification of the information and in-person appraisal, and if everything looks good, we'll honor that pricing range and make you an offer. You of course can use it to trade in for a new or used option here, but with this you also can sell it to us and get your money. You also don't have to either; these tools are free to use and you're under no obligation to buy or sell to us.

Get Started on Selling Your Car to Us

Selling your car to a dealership is convenient because we'll get you the price you desire, plus we can handle the transition of the sale smoothly. You don't have to make listings on your own and field calls from others. Just bring it here to Cronic Chevrolet and we'll provide an offer. If you have any questions get started today.