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What Does Chevrolet Have in Store for EV Customers at Cronic Chevrolet?

EVs and PHEVs are expected to dominate the auto industry in the next decade as automakers strive to achieve a zero-emissions goal. Chevrolet has been making headlines with an ever-expanding electric vehicle lineup. Most of these vehicles are designed to increase fuel efficiency and the overall output of the vehicle. Below is an overview of Chevy's popular EV models:

Bolt EV

Chevrolet's fully-electric flagship vehicle, Bolt EV, has made great strides in the auto industry with several features and a class-leading range. Chevy's Bolt stands out with an impressive 200 hp horsepower and fuel economy. With this model, drivers don't have to worry about frequently charging their EVs while on the road. It offers a range of 259 miles on a single charge.

Make a statement on the road and at the parking lot with a distinctive exterior design and attractive interior complete with advanced tech features.

Bolt EUV

The Bolt EUV is an upgrade to the Bolt EV featuring a larger body style offering a more spacious interior. This model allows passengers to enjoy optimal comfort with extended rear legroom and shoulder room to move around. Customers can also enjoy more cargo space, something you can never have enough of in a compact SUV.

Despite its larger framework, the Bolt EUV has a similar interior design to the Bolt EV with a standard 10.2-inch HD color infotainment touchscreen. Its infotainment system is powered by the latest Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Plus system. You can as well get an eight-inch enhanced multi-color customizable graphic display.

Equinox EV

Customers from McDonough, GA to Fayetteville, GA may confuse the Equinox EV with the Equinox gas-powered crossover. Despite sharing a few similarities, the Equinox EV is a different model built from the ground up on Chevrolet's Ultium platform. Chevrolet has redesigned the Equinox EV into a tech-oriented and more advanced version of the gas-powered Equinox.

The new Equinox EV comes with a standard front-wheel drivetrain and an optional electric all-wheel drive system supported by a second motor. Customers can enjoy versatility on the Equinox EV crossover SUV with a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs, similar to what is offered on the gas-powered variant.

Drivers can enjoy more confidence on the road with available Super Cruise hands-free driving covering up to 400,000 miles on compatible roads. The Equinox EV also offers a remarkable fuel economy with a maximum range of 300 miles on a single charge.

Blazer EV

The Blazer EV can also be confused with its gas-powered sibling; however, like all EVs from Chevrolet, it features a completely different build with more premium features from the Blazer. It stands out with a sporty exterior build that offers a lot of practicality.

Drivers can enjoy more power on the Blazer EV with a horsepower of 557hp and an effortless acceleration of 0-60 mph in four seconds. It also offers multiple drivetrains, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and electronic all-wheel drive systems.

The interior has been tweaked to feature a performance-oriented finish with multiple standard tech features. It also features a racing-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel.

Silverado EV

Chevy's Silverado is arguably one of the top-selling pickup trucks from Hampton, GA to Locust Grove, GA recognized for its exceptional performance. The Silverado EV outshines most models in the category with an impressive 660hp horsepower and 780lb-ft of torque. With this output, the new Silverado EV can tow 10,000lb and a maximum of 20,000lb on the WT version. You can also enjoy impressive fuel economy on the Silverado, with a range of 400 miles on a single charge.


The Silverado EV also offers ample storage space in its cargo bed and the front locking truck. You can access more storage space on the dashboard with a storage compartment. Chevrolet has also included a new WT variant with more power, capable of out-towing the gas-powered variant.

Benefits of Buying Electric Vehicles

EVs remain a small fraction of the total number of vehicles on the market; however, this is expected to change in a few years. Over the year, we have experienced an increasing demand for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids. Here are some of the benefits of owning an EV:

Reduced Fuel Cost

EVs offer better fuel economy compared to gas-powered options. With an EV, you can drive long distances without recharging, unlike gas-powered options requiring you to refill your gas tank more often. It's also worth noting that electricity costs less than gasoline.

Low Maintenance and Repair Costs

The cost of owning an EV is relatively lower compared to a gas-power model. This is because an EV uses fewer moving parts than gas engines lowering the cost and frequency of maintenance and repairs. Remember that the cost of repairing an EV is relatively higher; however, studies show that these vehicles experience fewer problems and are unlikely to cost you a fortune in repairs.

Environmental Impact

The main benefit of driving an EV is the ability to reduce your carbon emissions. EVs offer you an opportunity to reduce climate change and ensure sustainability.

Elevated Driving Experience

EVs are equipped with advanced features that can only be accessed on higher trim levels on most gas-powered versions. Most versions also offer equal power distributions to the wheels for better handling and an elevated driving experience. An electric powertrain also provides smooth and fast acceleration, unlike the gas-powered version, where it takes a few seconds to reach full torque.

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